Singapore Airlines celebrates 30 years of flying

The flag carrier celebrates 3 decades of flying to the island city in South East Asia.Singapore Airlines is the longest serving long-haul international airline company at Manchester Airport.It’s certainly a mouthful - but a significant one as the flag carrier commemorates 30 years of flying to the island city in South East Asia.And such was the operator’s battle to launch a service, it might well never have occurred at all.Martin Friend, sales supervisor for UK north and Ireland, said: We had to project and lobby the Government here to run and it took a number of years to obtain authorization.They at first said they would have to drop a flight from London to operate Manchester, and it took a good few years to reach a contract.The popular Singapore Girl belonged to their lobbying project, which ultimately paid off when they protected a route in 1986 - twice weekly.

Vietnam traffic culprit skips fine by composing 50 lines

A Vietnamese police is winning acclaims after letting a woman prevent a traffic fine by composing 50 lines assuring not to repeat the offence, it's reported.Cops in the main city of Da Nang imposed the unusual school-style penalty after catching the 20-year-old driving down a one-way street in the wrong instructions, according to the Tuoi Tre News website.Regional police chief Tran Viet Hoa states officers offered the nervous-looking driver the advantage of the doubt after she asserted not to have seen the one-way indication. They told her she could compose "I promise not to travel in the incorrect instructions on a one-way street once again" 50 times, or pay a fine. The woman gratefully accepted the less expensive choice, according to Mr Hoa, and instantly got on with the job while perched on the kerbside.

April's fools: Odd experiences from Asia's travel agents

The Indian customer, upon reaching his hotel, told my motorist to open his backside. My motorist, with his minimal English vocabulary, was at a loss for words. So he informed his traveler that this was an Islamic country and that what he was asking was incorrect. Adam Kamal, CEO, Olympik Holidays, MalaysiaWe put an ad in the paper with a note saying please call Monday. On Monday, the phone sounded, somebody asked to talk to Monday. Uncertain if this is amusing, but all of us had a fantastic laugh in the office. Sef Lam, handling director, Via Vai Travel, Hong Kong. It is intresting for you to know about on this website .