Vietnam traffic culprit skips fine by composing 50 lines

A Vietnamese police is winning acclaims after letting a woman prevent a traffic fine by composing 50 lines assuring not to repeat the offence, it's reported.

Cops in the main city of Da Nang imposed the unusual school-style penalty after catching the 20-year-old driving down a one-way street in the wrong instructions, according to the Tuoi Tre News website.

Regional police chief Tran Viet Hoa states officers offered the nervous-looking driver the advantage of the doubt after she asserted not to have seen the one-way indication. They told her she could compose "I promise not to travel in the incorrect instructions on a one-way street once again" 50 times, or pay a fine. The woman gratefully accepted the less expensive choice, according to Mr Hoa, and instantly got on with the job while perched on the kerbside.

Mr. Hoa states his department is more worried with raising public awareness - and doing their task in a friendly method - than strictly enforcing the guidelines, even though fining individuals is quicker. For newbie offenders, fines can create unfavorable sensations to the authorities and are of "low academic value", he tells the site.

Many social media users voiced their approval for the unusual method, with a post on the local Toi Yeu Da Nang organization’s Facebook page receiving more than 2,600 likes.

The city's traffic policeman’s appear to have kind in their un-winded technique - Tuoi Tre News cites a previous example of an offender being provided the charge of purchasing chewing gum from an elderly street supplier.